DCDGC Weekly League/Social game Information


For 2019, the DCDGC will not have a bag-tag ranking/numbered system. Instead we are focusing on a handicap tracking system with discgolf scene and Udisc.  Our league day is Sunday at 2pm & Monday at 7pm. We meet at Barbaree Park off 15th street. Players play on our 13 hole course, and are trying to improve each week to best themselves! The DCDGC has Udisc codes we can give to members.


 Players are free to make their own side-bets or  number their tags and compete with their friends if they wish.    


Always have fun and follow the rules and spirit of disc golf.  The purpose of the League night is to get people together and enjoy the sport of Disc Golf, and to enjoy our city parks.


 The  Dawson Creek Disc Golf course is 13 holes, at Barbaree & Chamberlain Memorial Pioneer park. 

  •  Any persons can play disc golf for free at the Course in Dawson Creek

  • The city parks of Barbaree & Chamberlain Memorial Pioneer Park  are shared multi-use parks for everybody.


League Night rules and Guidelines.

  • Anybody can come out and play during League night, and also join our league group to play, the more the merrier.

  •  It is highly encouraged though that players become members if they decide to play frequently with us on League Night.

  • Score tracking and any prizes are only available for League Members.  

  • Players are highly encouraged to gather at the Disc Golf Course at 1:50 PM for Sunday, and 6:50 for Monday.

  • Parking is located behind the Barbaree Baseball Diamond.

  • The official DCDGC default host (coordinator) of League Night is Daniel Martin and; if he's unavailable, then a  Host  will be designated on the DCDGC facebook page before league night starts. 

  • During League Night, the Host  is the coordinator; therefore questions and concerns should be directed to them first.

  • All Score Cards, Acepot/CTP Monies, membership dues, and final rule decisions will be collected/made by the Host during League Night.  Any questions or concerns regarding a specific League Night must be sent to that night's Host first!

  • If the Host cannot resolve an issue, an official dispute can be filed. Direct your dispute to a  director of the club, and then at least 2 First Directors of the Club will make a ruling based on information provided by all parties.


BAG TAG Challenges:

Bag Tag Challenges add another fun element  of disc golf.  Bag tag challenges are optional  and not a priority  for 2019, since all 2019 tags are unnumbered, bagtag rules don't apply for league run games.   2018 Bag-tag guidelines/rules are available under bagtag rules section of our website. 


League Scoring, League Night fees, and Handicap Prizes

For the 2018 season starting April 28, 2019, there will be no league night fees, just an optional Acepot/CTP fee of $2.  The Acepot is starting at $100 this year. CTP prizes will be a CTP pin and/or prize being awarded dpending on club sponsorships for the year. 


There will be score tracking for each league night, including tracking best handicap improvement weekly and monthly. The DCDGC club accepts discs and other donations from players and businesses that will go toward Handicap prizes.


 Although league night currently is free, it is the prerogative of the DCDGC to start charging for hosting League Night, if we so choose, which we may  do in  2019 or 2020.  The City of Dawson Creek has agreed to allow our club to collect/earn monies .  


Closest to Pin (CTP) and ACE Pot (Hole in One prize)

  • The $2 CTP / Ace pot entry for players during league night is optional; winnings are only available to current club members.

  • To be eligible for the Ace Pot/CTP prize,  club members must pay the host $2 before play begins.

  • To be eligible for winning Ace/CTP prize and/or monies, players must be members.

  • Only the designated Host or his proxy can collect Ace Pot/ CTP monies.

  • The CTP hole may vary from week to week. The designated CTP hole must be stated by the Host before play begins.

  • The Ace Pot is increased by $2 for every member that pays their optional ctp/acepot entry of $2

  • The Ace pot for 2018 season was not won, therefore $100 has been carried over for the 2019 season.

  • The Acepot can only be won during official league events and league nights.  Therefore, ace pot monies cannot be won  during holes or rounds played outside the official league rounds/time/events.


© 2020 . By Daniel Martin

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